A Crucial Step in Your Kitchen Remodel

Starting a kitchen remodel can be both exciting and overwhelming. You want everything to fit perfectly and create your dream cooking space. That’s where the “measure” comes in – a vital step in the kitchen remodeling process that ensures accuracy and sets the foundation for a successful project. If you’re curious about what a measure entails and how it impacts your remodel, let’s take a closer look.

Understanding the Kitchen Measure

The measure is the time when all the details are thoroughly reviewed and confirmed. A skilled technical expert in charge of ensuring precision, will visit your home for this process, an average measure time is between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the scope of your project.

What to expect during the measure

1. Confirm Product Selections: We will verify the product choices you made during your initial consultation including door style and colour to ensure they align with your vision for the remodel.

2. Review Project Scope: The scope of the project, as laid out in the agreement, will be reviewed to ensure all requirements are understood and can be successfully executed.

3. Take Measurements: Precise measurements of your kitchen space will be taken, that will be a guide for the manufacturing and installation teams throughout the project.

4. Address Questions and Concerns: You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions or share concerns you may have about the project.

5. Inspection: One of the most critical aspects of the measure is the inspection. We will assess whether the selected accessories fit correctly, if new appliances will be appropriately placed, and if your existing cabinets are suitable for refacing (if applicable).

Embracing Changes

If you have any second thoughts or ideas for changes after signing the agreement, fear not – the measure is your opportunity to discuss any modifications you’d like to make to your remodel. If these changes are significant, a change of authorization may need to be signed to collect addition payment on your final invoice.

Timing and Scheduling

The measure will be scheduled after you’ve signed the agreement, following the initial design consultation. For efficient project progression, the measure serves as the bridge between the early steps and the installation phase. Depending on scheduling availability, the measure is usually conducted within two to three weeks after finalizing the agreement. You can expect your installation to start eight to ten weeks after your measure date.

Feel free to contact us at 180 Kitchens if you have any more questions about our process or would like to book a free in-home estimate.