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Cabinet refacing is innovative and one of the most efficient ways to transform your kitchen — but don’t confuse it with old-school refinishing that involved just painting old doors.
Your cabinets make a statement. When you decide to make a change, installing new cabinets can be expensive and really add to the cost if you combine them with other projects. At 180 Kitchens, we understand how important your budget is.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Simply put, when our team of professionals REFACE your cabinets, we replace all of the exterior parts of the cabinet. We can add new doors, drawer fronts, gables, knobs, and hinges — all at a more affordable cost than a full cabinet replacement. You can expect to pay roughly 50% less than a full remodel, so cabinet refacing is a great option when you want to remodel your kitchen.

What Are the Benefits of Cabinet Refacing?

Besides financial savings, you can expect a few different benefits when you choose this project, including:

Less Time Remodelling

Much of our process happens in our shop, not your home, so your kitchen won’t be out of commission for long. On average, it takes us only 1 or 2 days per service!

Less Waste

If your cabinets and shelves are still whole and sound, why throw them out? Refacing keeps the good materials and replaces only what you want remodelled.

Brand-New Look

You may worry that refacing won’t give you the style you want or that it will be underwhelming. Don’t believe that for a minute! Our cabinet refacing service offers 20 different door styles and over 40 colours to choose from—even wood grains! We can help you completely transform your space.

What Sets Us Apart?

Kitchen remodeling is a complicated process, and our 180 Kitchens team of installers and designers has a combined experience of over 20 years. Whether you want cabinet refacing, new countertops, or custom design advice, we can help.

Each project we take on revolves around our customers and their expectations because we value your satisfaction. Let 180Kitchens help turn your space around! Call us today for any of our kitchen remodeling services at (604) 787-8285 or email [email protected].

We value our customers and can't wait to work with you!

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